Committed to sustainable excellence

Code of Conduct

This is a summary of the comprehensive Trifleet Leasing Code of Conduct.

The world’s leading companies lead because they set the standards of performance and behavior that others aspire to. They are clear about what they believe in and what they want to be. The Trifleet Code of Conduct provides clarity about how Trifleet’s values are put into practice every day.
a. Corporate values – Committed to Sustainable Excellence
Trifleet is the largest privately owned and owner-managed global tank container leasing company.
Working with us means doing business with a team that passionately takes ownership. Our brand promise is “Committed to Sustainable Excellence” and that is what we live up to.

b. We don’t tolerate harassment
We do not tolerate any action, conduct or behavior which any individual or group of individuals finds unwelcome, humiliating, intimidating or hostile. As an international company, we are particularly sensitive to behaviors that may be acceptable in one culture but not in another.

c. Equal opportunities
We pursue diversity, respect all employees equally and value the contributions of each person and role.

We do not discriminate in recruitment, selection, compensation, training, job assignment, promotion, termination or any other employment-related activity with respect to a person’s race, color, nationality, religious belief or affiliation, sex, age, ethnic or national origin, marital or family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or current or past disability.

d. Substance abuse is strictly forbidden
Substance abuse undermines our work, productivity and safety. At Trifleet Leasing working under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or abuse of prescription drugs is strictly forbidden.

e. We provide a safe and healthy workplace
With this we prevent harm to, and promote the health of, all employees. It is the responsibility of each and every one us to comply with health and safety regulations, prevent any injuries at work and do avoid violent conduct.

a. We comply and abide by all applicable laws and regulations, internal procedures and rules
This means that we will not do or allow anything that is known or could have been known to be in conflict with the interest of Trifleet. Nor will we act or omit to (re)act in conflict with any law or regulation in countries where the Trifleet tank containers are employed or might be employed.

b. We won’t get involved in illegal or socially unacceptable activities
This means we only conduct business with business partners who are known to follow the law and regulations and act professionally in their line of business. Neither will we do business with third parties known not to support acceptable rules and standards or socially accepted practices.

c. We protect the environment by preventing or minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and products
This starts with following the cradle-to-cradle approach for the design and manufacturing of tank containers. It includes doing everything that is in our power to prevent tank container contents from spilling. And also applies to single workplaces, when e.g. considering the environment before printing a document.

d. We don’t offer or accept gifts and hospitality that would put our clients or our own independence in question
We do not solicit or accept any cash, gifts or other benefits if by doing so we no longer appear to act independently from the opposite party. We will not offer any gratitude, benefit or gift to customers or vendors that might harm them or Trifleet in any way.

e. We compete within the framework of applicable competition laws
We refrain from directly or indirectly engaging in any discussion or activity that constitutes anti-competitive behavior or in any way violates anti-trust provisions. We make our own business decisions, free from understandings or agreements with competitors or suppliers that restrict competition. Bribery and any other forms of unethical business practice are prohibited.

a. We handle confidential information with care and make sure confidential information is not misused
All data to which we have access in the course of our job or activities are confidential in principle. We use secure facilities to exchange confidential information over the Internet or email outside Trifleet Leasing.

b. We respect people’s privacy and the confidentiality of personal information
We will only acquire and keep personal information that it needs to operate effectively or to comply with the law. This means that we treat all employees, customers and other personal data with care and respect, while guarding against inappropriate access and disclosure.

We always strive for ethical decision making. We realize that making good ethical decisions requires a trained sensitivity to ethical issues and a practiced method for exploring the ethical aspects of a decision. We therefore provide a framework for ethical decision making to our employees as a useful method for exploring ethical dilemmas and identifying ethical courses of action.
We have strict reporting, investigation and (if required) disciplinary procedures in place, in case an employee is suspected of committing an irregularity; meaning an infringement of the Code of Conduct, unauthorized acts, or negligence on the part of employees that cause or could cause damage to Trifleet Leasing or third parties, where such damage cannot be deemed to be a normal business risk.