Investor Relations

Trifleet Leasing manages the fleets of its partners – owners, individual and group investors – who all benefit from Trifleet’s ability to deliver stable investment returns.

Partners who entrust their tanks to Trifleet enjoy the peace of mind that their tanks are handled with the same high caliber care and service as Trifleet’s own fleet. Partners are always kept well informed by Trifleet’s complete and transparent documentation of investment costs and returns.

Trifleet’s Investors bank on our global staff of professionals and 30 years of innovation which have made us a market leader in tank management and logistics.  Also, recently we became part of GATX Corporation, a leading global railcar lessor, thereby expanding our global reach.

Strategic Balance & Leverage

Trifleet maintains a balanced owned/managed tank ratio. This balance assures both our investors and major customers excellent economies of scale and availability.

Tank Equality & Transparency

Because Trifleet never differentiates between its own tanks and investor’s tanks, every investor benefits from Trifleet’s high standards of maintenance, performance and transparency. Trifleet’s exceptional efficiency, traditionally high fleet utilization and strong rates assure traditionally high ROI and pay-out ratios. And Trifleet’s operational excellence and real-time information and data systems provide exceptional tracking, reliability and responsiveness.