Our training and education program provides you with the tools, skills and processes you’ll need to master your job at Trifleet, and helps prepare you for the challenges ahead. It will enable you to manage your responsibilities and feel at ease at Trifleet. As a result, our clients and partners will benefit from this by getting excellent service and advice from you as a knowledgeable and committed tank manager.

Upon joining Trifleet, you will receive a basic company training to ensure you fully understand our clients’ requirements, the tank container market, the important technical aspects of tank containers, as well as our organization, values and key processes. All employees complete the ITCO Tank Container e-learning course. To make sure you get to know our partners and their contributions to your work, we also provide you with practical experiences such as depot visits, trainings, and accompanying surveyors who have come to inspect our tanks.

Depending on your job function – Sales, Operations, Maintenance & Repair, or Finance – you will benefit from additional specific trainings to make sure that you get all the knowledge necessary to succeed in your new role at Trifleet.

Of course, independent of your functional area of responsibility, we also make sure that you get the right training, coaching and education to further develop your specific talents and social skills, and follow your interests for both your and our benefit.