Cryogenic Valves

In addition to state-of-the-art tanks with superior design, Trifleet’s cryogenic business also offers additional equipment, such as cryogenic pumps, valves, hoses, installation systems and related technical support.

Cryogenic valves are designed to keep cryogenic gases secure and safely in your tank container. They react to high pressure which opens the valve to allow the gas to flow through. As soon as the pressure decreases, the valve will close again and prevent any leaking.

Knowing how serious and expensive damages caused by leaking gases are, and how expensive it is to freeze gas, it becomes obvious how important it is to select the right valve that operates safely over a long period of time. To determine the right type of valve, size, and material you need detailed knowledge about the challenging pressure and temperature applications.

Trifleet offers cryogenic valves as extra equipment for cryogenic / LNG tank containers: Herose fire brake valves.