Food grade market

More and more food products are transported today with tank containers. This makes sense: the bulk shipping made possible with tank containers is efficient in comparison with traditional transport methods that are limited by defined packed quantities. Tank container shipping also offers more flexibility in terms of production, assembly, packaging and storing locations. Furthermore, tank container transport is safe and sustainable.

Trifleet has developed in-house expertise in order to support food grade industry producers in their tank container transportation needs. A separate fleet of dedicated tank containers is maintained in order to safeguard quality, cleanliness and sterilization, and to prevent contamination. All of our food grade tank containers meet the required standards for the safe transport of your bulk liquid goods via rail, road or sea.

Furthermore, due to the global nature of the food grade industry, we at Trifleet have built an international network of offices, operational and sales support, maintenance and repair services, and tank container depots in order to provide a service that is of high / top quality. Our tank container fleet currently transports wines, spirits, vegetable oils, juices, vinegar and even milk.
Trifleet is committed to ensuring operational and sustainable excellence for the food grade industry. This means professional expertise on food grade products, and on the needs and requirements for safe, efficient and competitive transportation. In addition, we provide creative ideas and innovative equipment and material, and continuously improve our service thanks to client feedback.

We at Trifleet believe that both our tank containers and our staff are second to none. We offer a complete range of global services to the industry, ranging from advising to leasing and from fleet management to maintenance and repairs.

We are delighted to be able to share this excellence with you.