Committed to sustainable excellence

Gas market

Gases are used and transported by a variety of industries around the world, and the growing market for the transport of gases is reflected in the increasing globalization of our business. Safe, efficient, environmentally-responsible and sustainable transportation with specialized equipment and in full accordance with ever-changing regulations is of key importance.

The use of gas containers can be roughly divided into the following groups:

  • Pressure tanks for flammable gases like fuels.
  • Pressure tanks for refrigerants used for various cooling equipment.
  • Pressure tanks for raw materials (gases) for future use in end products (i.e. ammonia, chlorine).
  • Pressure tanks for propellants (i.e. for the pharmaceutical industry).

Each of these groups has specific needs in terms of pressure, capacity and the purity of the product, and Trifleet is able to offer you expert knowledge in order to guarantee the right configuration.

Trifleet is committed to ensuring operational and sustainable excellence for the gas industry. This means professional expertise related to tank containers, and support and assistance to our clients in facing everyday challenges. In addition, we provide creative ideas and innovative equipment and material, and continuously improve our service thanks to client feedback.

We at Trifleet believe that both our tank containers and our staff are second to none. We offer a complete range of global services to the industry, ranging from advising to leasing and from fleet management to maintenance and repairs.

We are delighted to be able to share this excellence with you.