Trifleet Excellence Guarantee

What if…
…all newly-leased tank containers were always available at the agreed pick-up date, time and location?

What if…
… regardless of their age, those tank containers:
• Perfectly fulfilled the requested technical specifications?
• Fully met the agreed-upon repair criteria at pick-up?

If this sounds like the perfect tank container leasing experience, we invite you to contact us to discuss the new Trifleet Excellence Guarantee. This guarantee is free of charge. It is an affirmation of Trifleet’s 30 years of expertise, our long-term commitment to providing top-quality client service, our provision of tank containers that are in excellent condition, and our highly competitive rates.

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In the event that a newly-leased tank container is not available at the pre-agreed pick-up date, time and location (On Time Delivery Target) and/or does not comply with the pre-agreed repair standards and/or technical specifications (Zero Reject Target), you will receive a bonus of 30 free rental days per tank container.

Trifleet works closely with top-quality / trusted depot partners around the world and we are able to provide sustainable service innovations that ensure a worry-free tank container lease experience. The Trifleet Excellence Guarantee provides additional operational reliability to you, the client, and enhances your experience when dealing with us and our tank containers.