Trifleet Leasing is committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability.

Our Whistleblower Policy enables Trifleet’s employees, vendors and service providers to raise any concerns they may have about Company-related wrongdoings or irregularities, internally and at a high level. It also enables them to disclose information that they believe shows malpractice or impropriety. This Policy is aimed at covering concerns that are in the public interest and that may, at first, be investigated exclusively but could then lead to other procedures, such as disciplinary action. These concerns include:

– Financial or non-financial malpractice or impropriety or fraud
– Failure to comply with a legal obligation or statutes
– Dangers to Health & Safety or the environment
– Harassment and abuse and misrepresentation of power and authority
– Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age, religion or disabilities
– Criminal activity
– Improper conduct or unethical behavior including a conflict of interest without disclosure
– Attempts to conceal any of these

The Policy is designed for the eventuality that individuals have a reasonable suspicion about wrongdoings or irregularities within the Company, the result of which affects – or could affect – public interest. These suspicions must be based on reasonable grounds, arising from knowledge acquired by the individual(s) through work activities. The Policy does not cover: disputes with the Company; disagreements about decisions taken that do not conflict with the public interest; or malpractices in which the Company is not involved. Furthermore, hearsay or gossip are not considered as sufficient basis for disclosures under this Policy.

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